The smart way to insure your car


The smart way to insure your car

Pay a small monthly fee, plus pennies per mile, and never pay for miles while parked.

How does it work?

  • Only pay for insurance per mile, plus a small monthly fee to cover your car while it’s parked. Just pay as you go.

  • At purchase, pay your first month’s fee plus £25 into your pre-paid account to pay for the miles you drive, and a £100 set up fee, back in your pocket after 6 months.

  • We send you a JURNYmeter in the post to measure the miles you drive. No driver score, interventions or curfew.

  • Use your JURNY dashboard to manage your policy. No need to wait in call queues!

What our customers say

*Based on a survey completed in November 2022.

JURNY explained


Sent in the post and easy to install. Measures your miles to charge you accurately.

Monthly fee

Covers your car while parked and is automatically taken from your card each month.

Price per mile

This part is up to you. Each mile will cost you your quoted rate, for example 10p. Drive less. Pay less.


View and make changes to your JURNY policy with ease and keep track of your mileage and costs.

Get a quote and see how much you could save by being more in control of your car insurance.

Quality insurance and more

All miles over 100 a day are FREE

The most we’ll ever charge you for in a single day is 100 miles. Save money on longer trips.

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

You’re fully covered from the get-go. The same level of insurance, just a different way of paying.

Guaranteed No Claims Bonus FREE as standard

Have peace of mind as every policy comes with this and won’t cost anything extra.

Underwritten by a trusted insurer

We have one of the UK’s top insurers underwriting our policies. You’re in good hands.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

We are the real deal, just a different way to pay for insurance.

Everything online! No need to wait in call queues

Make changes to your JURNY policy with ease and keep track of your mileage and costs.

Give pay as you go car insurance a try. It’s the smart way to insure your car.

Who is JURNY for?

If you like more financial freedom, do low mileage every year, and want to have control of your insurance costs – JURNY could be for you. You could be saving money and spending it on the things that matter to you. We believe, if you drive less, you should pay less!

Public transport commuter?

Save money on those working days with your car sitting at the station or at home, while you are on a bus or train, or on your bike.

Second car owner?

Is this car just used for a run around, family and leisure activities, or an emergency? Save money while it’s waiting to be used.

Money wise

Need to budget your outgoings? Stop paying interest on monthly payments or making large annual payments. JURNY is with you.

Hybrid worker?

Mostly working from home, part time or full time? While comfortable at home, don’t pay for the miles you’re not driving anymore.

Weekend driver?

Only dust your car off at the weekend? Be covered while parked, and pay for the miles you drive at the weekend.

Holiday driver?

Just using your car for road trips and long journeys? We’ll never charge more than 100 miles per day, so enjoy that extra ice cream.

Environmentally conscious?

Care about car emissions or thinking about how to help the environment? By driving less with JURNY, you are saving money and the planet.